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OUR VISION - We are family! To be leaders in childcare in the South East



With a focus on learning through play our children participate in all kinds of experiences to enhance their knowledge of the world, they have access to a wonderful garden to enable them to investigate, use their imagination and explore.

Our bright, purpose built nursery is associated with both Crookhorn Lane Childrens Centre and Morelands Primary School. We are also pleased to offer both a breakfast and after-school club.

Mealtimes are an important part of the day for socialising, communicating and sharing. Freshly made healthy meals are provided and children also participate in cooking activities, making cakes or decorating biscuits for tea along with other events such as enjoying and tasting foods from around the world.

What does Ofsted say...
Children are communicating well with staff or visitors to the nursery, and can express themselves clearly and confidently. They ask for help in finding resources or managing difficult tasks, such as putting the lid on the glue stick. The nursery environment is well organised and welcoming;

What our parents say...
“The environment is a great place for children to learn and play, backed up with loads of fun activities (we get a bit jealous hearing about these after our day in the office!), and the food must be great, because our little girl eats more things there than she would ever try at home! We think the biggest testament to Growing Places comes from our daughter, she loves it there.”

Come and see for yourself – you are guaranteed a warm welcome, call us on 023 9224 1798

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