All Ears Audio


All Ears Audio is an exciting new home-grown project which aims to encourage children’s speech and language

through the medium of poetry and storytelling.

Listening and visualisation skills are highly important to help children develop their reading and writing, so we

hope you will take a few moments to share these with your children. Our aim is to release productions at the

start of each new season so the content feels fresh and of the moment.

We hope you enjoy these stories and if they inspire your children in any way at all we would love to hear about it!

The audios we have created encourage children to learn, to listen and imagine the poems and stories –

please see video link(s) below…


Hear poems and rhymes inspired by the sea and find out who has frightened all the creatures in the rockpool!  At the end of the audio it mentions a Rockpool Spotter sheet which can be downloaded using this link:  rockpool spotter sheet

Spring has sprung!!

Listen to find out how Horace the Hedgehog finds his perfect home.  Can you guess what kind of creature Flora is?

Leaves are falling, Autumn is calling!!

Join Beryl the grey squirrel as she discovers autumn for the very first time.  Find out what happens to the runaway apple

It’s Christmas time!!

Listen to festive rhymes and discover how the animals create a magical Christmas for Mr Toppledown

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