We have purchased a small plot of land in the Wickham area, which we have converted from a private equestrian site to an outdoor site for educational, intergenerational and community use.

Over many years to date, we have been hosting camping and other outdoor activities for a few weeks throughout the year, however the acquisition of the field, Little Acorns, allows us to run these outdoor activities at any time of the year and develop the depth of opportunities to involve not just our own children and families, but extended community use and intergenerational activities, as well as offer training for other childcare providers in outdoor play.

As an experienced childcare provider for over 20 years, we have first-hand experience of the importance of physical and outdoor activity for all children and we are particularly keen to ensure that all of our children have good foundations in place in exploring the outdoors and understanding the importance of respect and care of their environment.

The field will have dedicated spaces for children to be creative in a natural environment and will have dedicated areas for story-telling and group activities.  All of our children will benefit from outdoor opportunities at the site, such as enjoying campfires, den building, woodland crafts and forest skills.  visits, where they will learn woodland crafts and forest skills. There will be a focus on using the site to develop emotional wellbeing for our children, families and other community users.

Additionally, we intend to use this space to offer:

a) our local community an intergenerational growing and gardening project (children working alongside volunteers and local pensioners to grow fruits and vegetables on the site, so helping to build community relationships and reduce isolation in the Wickham area), and;

b) two annual family camping sessions, enabling families to take part in positive, outdoor activities together, which in turn helps increase parental engagement in their child’s learning and the outdoors.

LITTLE ACORNS is situated in Mayles Lane, Wickham close to the village.