The Boys Project

We have developed a programme that has allowed some of our children access to lots of physical opportunities to support their individual development and to help them with the skills they will need for the future.

Growing Places is proud to provide enhanced learning opportunities for boys under 5.

Case studies have proven that where individual boys were demonstrating behavioural difficulties and/or staff were struggling with motivating them, by developing their physical learning opportunities boys’ individual attitudes to learning changed and impacted on all areas of their individual development.

Ultimately this has had a positive impact on behaviour and abilities of children to build appropriate relationships with their peers.

Why being physical is of benefit

Physical means any activity that a child takes part in that involves movement to either support health or strengthen bones and muscles.

Physical relates to gross motor skills and fine motor skills and can be active, like running and jumping, in order to get the heart rate up or concentrating on muscle development, like crawling and stretching.

We believe that opportunities for enhancing physical skills are vital to a child’s development and allow them to improve their levels of fitness, health & well-being and movement capabilities alongside strengthening children’s muscles/bones.

Through the development of physical skills and enjoyment in play, children’s individual confidence develops and they become able to persist with activities for longer periods of time.

As time goes on, attitudes to learning change and impact on other areas of their development, including communication skills.

To find out more feel free to download the Better Beginnings For Boys project that was written in consultation with University of Portsmouth.

“I have been able to use my own experience to develop opportunities to meet children’s, particularly boys, individual learning needs, through PHYSICAL development.

I have seen how this successfully impacts on other areas of learning, boy’s motivation and attitude to learning in the future.”Chris Warren (Lead Educator for Physical & Boys)

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